Campus Map
Location TitleShort DescriptionThumbnailLinkX CoordY CoordRegion
Preschool & Kindergarten The Preschool & Kindergarten is for children ages 3-6. PSK_front_thumbnail campus-map/preschool-kindergarten 1560 585 Preschool & Kindergarten
Johnson Performing Arts Building Johnson houses the Ravi Assembly Hall, music, drama, & dance rooms. Johnson Thumb campus-map/johnson 1361 157 Lower & Middle Schools
Bergeron Lower School Building The Bergeron Building is home to Grades 1-5. Bergeron Thumbnail campus-map/bergeron 1508 318  Lower & Middle Schools
Xie Middle School Building The Xie Building is home to Grades 6-8. Xie Thumbnail campus-map/xie 1355 370 Lower & Middle Schools
Murphy Administration Building Murphy is home to the Lane Chapel and Administrative offices. Murphy thumb campus-map/murphy 1358 268 Lower & Middle Schools
Stevens Library The Stevens Library houses the Marcin conference room, technology support center and offices.  Stevens thumb campus-map/stevens-library 1475 203 Lower & Middle Schools
Spieker Pavillion The LMS cafeteria, gymnasium and athletics office are located in the Spieker Pavillion. Spieker Thumbnail campus-map/spieker 1525 490 Lower & Middle Schools
Sigall Sigall Building is home to the Preparatory’s fine arts & mathematics programs. Sigall Thumb campus-map/sigall 250 795 Preparatory
Main Building The Main Building houses meeting areas and classrooms and administrative offices.
Main Building campus-map/main-building 660 517 Preparatory

Homer features science classrooms, Harman Family Assembly Hall, & Koenig Family Student Dining Hall.

 Homer Front thumbnail campus-map/homer-building 428 613 Preparatory
McGanney Sports Center

McGanney houses the gymnasium, dance, computer science & language classrooms.

McGanney Thumb campus-map/mcganney 506 674 Preparatory
Campbell Center for the Performing Arts

Campbell features an auditorium and a black box.

Campbell Center for the Performing Arts thumbnail campus-map/campbell 777 441 Preparatory
Palatella Field The Palatella Field and Field House provides spectator seating for games. Palatella thumb campus-map/palatella 565 410 Athletics
Daryabari-Malek Tennis The Daryabari-Malek Tennis Complex offers 7 standard courts and 5 smaller courts. tennis thumbnail campus-map/tennis 730 370 Athletics
Gary A. Gavello Fields The soccer and baseball fields, with a concession & storage facility. Gavello Thumb campus-map/gavello 810 115 Athletics
Baseball Field The baseball field can be used year round. Baseball Thumb campus-map/baseball 225 90 Athletics
Dunlevie Aquatic Center A center with coaching offices, locker rooms and concession stand surrounding an Olympic-sized pool. Pool Thumb campus-map/pool 420 125 Athletics
Soccer Field Features leading edge artificial turf for soccer, lacrosse and flag football games. Soccer Thumb campus-map/soccer 372 90 Athletics
Morey Field A multi-purpose field for use year round. Morey Thumb campus-map/morey 175 180 Athletics
Practice Pavillion A newly constructed indoor gym. Practice Gym thumb campus-map/practice-gym 150 230 Athletics
Oakwood Complex Oakwood is a home for retired Religious of the Sacred Heart women. Oakwood thumb campus-map/oakwood 1070 515 Oakwood
Sr. Ann McGowan Circle Parking for Preschool & Kindergarten plus dropoff & pickup for grades 1-4. McGowan thumb campus-map/mcgowan 862 308 Parking
St. Joseph's Circle Parking for Lower & Middle Schools campus, plus dropoff & pickup for grades 5-8. St Joseph's Circle thumb campus-map/st-joseph 619 99 Parking
Main Building Visitor Parking for visitors. Please check into the main desk before visiting campus. Main Building parking thumb campus-map/main-visitor-parking 308 270 Parking
Sigall Building Parking for Preparatory campus. Parking Sigall thumb campus-map/sigall-parking 107 416 Parking
Faculty Staff Parking Parking for Faculty Staff during school hours. Faculty Staff Parking thumb campus-map/faculty-staff 473 107 Parking
Event Parking Parking for annual events such as the Auction. Event Parking thumb campus-map/event-parking 102 133 Parking
Overflow Street Parking Street parking is available along the school side of Park Avenue. Park Ave parking thumb campus-map/overflow-parking  382  38 Parking


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